YES Tutor


Helen Gailey’s commitment to excellence in entrepreneurship education makes her an invaluable asset to the YES Academy team. Her experience, expertise, engagement, and evaluation skills come together to provide an enriching learning environment that prepares students to succeed as the next generation of innovative leaders.

  • Experience

    Helen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit among young learners. With over two decades of involvement in business education, Helen has guided numerous students through the complexities of starting and managing their own ventures.

    Her approach combines theoretical foundations with real-world applications, ensuring that students not only learn but also apply their knowledge effectively.

    Helen’s dedication to fostering a dynamic learning environment has made her a beloved figure among her pupils.

  • Expertise

    Helen has developed significant expertise in entrepreneurial strategy and innovation management.

    Her educational background and professional experiences have equipped her with deep insights into market analysis, business modeling, and strategic development.

    Helen is particularly skilled in synthesizing complex business concepts to make them accessible for young learners, enabling them to transform ideas into actionable business plans.

  • Engagement

    Helen teaches with methods specifically geared to engage pupils actively in their learning.

    Her classes are known for their interactive and participative nature, involving case studies, group projects, and hands-on activities that encourage students to think critically and creatively.

    Helen’s ability to connect with her students and inspire them to take initiative in their learning journey sets her apart as an educator.

  • Evaluating

    Helen places a strong emphasis on the continuous evaluation of her pupils’ progress, employing both formative and summative assessments to ensure they meet their learning objectives.

    Her evaluation techniques are designed to provide constructive feedback, helping students identify strengths and areas for improvement.

    Helen’s focus on setting clear benchmarks and reflecting on outcomes helps students achieve academic and personal growth throughout the program.


Helen Gailey

Principal tutor

What I enjoy the most is observing how young entrepreneurs become excited to see their project materialize and evolve, with the culmination and stress of pitching to a jury or a camera. Transforming shyness to self-confidence.