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What programs does the YES Academy offer?

The “Business Builders Launchpad” is an extracurricular program designed by YES Academy to inspire and educate young students in entrepreneurial skills. This program guides students through the process of ideating, developing, and launching a business, combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Simultaneously, the “Next Gen Leadership” course is tailored to cultivate leadership qualities among students, focusing on developing skills like effective communication, strategic decision-making, and ethical leadership. This program is designed to prepare students to take on leadership roles within their schools, communities, and future professional environments.

Together, these programs offer a comprehensive suite of options for students at YES Academy, allowing them to either forge their own entrepreneurial path with the Business Builders Launchpad or enhance their leadership capabilities through the Next Gen Leadership course. Both programs aim to equip students with critical skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing global landscape.

How does the YES Academy programs fit into our school's existing curriculum?

The programs are structured to complement academic studies by providing practical business skills and entrepreneurial thinking that enhance students’ readiness for the future, whether they pursue higher education or enter the workforce. It can be scheduled outside regular class hours to avoid conflicts with academic subjects.

What age groups is the program designed for?

The Business Builders Launchpad is suitable for students in grades 6-12. It is ideally tailored for young individuals who demonstrate a keen interest in innovation, a desire to understand the mechanics of business, or a proactive approach to problem-solving. The program is especially beneficial for students who exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset—those who are not only curious about how businesses operate but are also eager to apply this knowledge creatively to initiate real-world projects or ventures.

While the program is structured to challenge students at various levels of business understanding, it particularly thrives with participants who are self-motivated, resilient, and ready to engage actively in shaping their entrepreneurial journey. These characteristics often predict a strong alignment with the program’s goals and a higher likelihood of personal and professional growth as a result of participation.

What are the key learning outcomes of the programs?

What are the key learning outcomes of the “Business Builders Launchpad” and “Next Gen Leadership” courses?

*For the Business Builders Launchpad, students will achieve a robust understanding of the entrepreneurial process, including:

  • Idea Generation and Validation: Learning how to brainstorm and refine business ideas based on market needs.
  • Business Planning and Execution: Developing skills in creating comprehensive business models and plans, including marketing, operations, and financial forecasting.
  • Pitching and Communication: Mastering the art of presenting business ideas persuasively to diverse audiences, including potential investors and stakeholders.
  • Problem-solving and Resilience: Enhancing their ability to navigate challenges and setbacks commonly faced by entrepreneurs.*

*For the Next Gen Leadership course, the learning outcomes are designed to cultivate essential leadership qualities, such as:

  • Strategic Leadership: Understanding how to make strategic decisions that align with organizational goals and ethical considerations.
  • Effective Communication: Developing skills to communicate clearly and persuasively in various settings, enhancing interpersonal and public speaking capabilities.
  • Team Collaboration and Management: Learning how to lead diverse teams effectively, including conflict resolution, motivation, and fostering inclusive environments.
  • Adaptability and Innovation: Encouraging a mindset that is adaptable to change and capable of implementing innovative solutions to complex problems.*

Both programs are structured to not only provide technical skills in their respective areas but also to enhance students’ personal growth and development, preparing them for leadership roles in any career they choose to pursue.

How long is the program, and what is the time commitment?

The Business Builders Launchpad runs over an academic year, divided into two semesters, with each session lasting approximately one hour per week. This setup ensures students have enough time to absorb the material and apply their learning practically.

Similarly, the Next Gen Leadership course also spans an academic year, mirroring the structure of the Launchpad program. It consists of weekly one-hour sessions that focus on developing leadership skills through interactive activities and real-life applications.

Both programs are designed to be manageable alongside students’ regular academic schedules, providing a rich learning experience without overwhelming them.

What resources will YES Academy provide?

YES Academy will supply all necessary educational materials, access to online platforms for learning and collaboration, and experienced coaches who specialise in entrepreneurship education. Wel know canvases like the Value Proposition and the Business Model Canvas are used as well as fun games, that improve the students interaction by learning by experience. Additionally, we arrange guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs to enhance learning experiences.

How is the program assessed?

Students will engage in project-based assessments that culminate in a business pitch at the end of the first semester and a series of case study analyses in the second semester. These assessments not only measure their understanding but also help them apply what they have learned in a practical context.

What are the costs associated with integrating the Business Builders Launchpad into our school?

The cost is a fee per student for the full year program depending on the number of classes and programme. The fee covers all program materials, instructor time, and additional resources required for the course. We aim to provide value by ensuring students receive a comprehensive educational experience that prepares them for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

How can our school get started with the YES Academy program?

To integrate the Business Builders Launchpad into your school, please contact us at Contact. We will arrange an initial consultation to discuss your school’s specific needs and how we can best work together.

What support does YES Academy provide to ensure the program’s success?

YES Academy supports each school by providing ongoing training for instructors, regular updates to course materials, and continuous assessment tools to track student progress. We are committed to partnering with your school to ensure the program’s success and positive impact on students.

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